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battlefieldCommander, PigottFence432, AlexMo

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CHARACTER NAME: Daniel J. Olivander II
BRO: Perverted Archmage
STATS: 5 Strength, 6 Stamina, 6 Intelligence, 5 Speech, 6 Endurance, 5 Spirit
BIOGRAPHY: Born to a famous pirate captain and an equally famous mother, I spent most of his childhood at sea. Even though my father was the toughest salt on the seven seas, I managed to take an interest in magic. My father did not approve, seeing mages as cowards, hiding behind their sparkly hand tricks. He completely changed this view when I almost burned the ship down. In an attempt to toughen me up a bit (and probably also out of anger for almost ruining the ship), he kicked me off to start a life on my own. But all it did was encourage me, as I took the advantage to go to one of the many prestigious magic academies. As it happened, the particular school I enrolled in was an all girls school that recently started accepting boys too. As such, there was a surplus of females. As might be expected under these kinds of circumstances, I became quite perverted during my time there. I excelled in his magic abilities. After I finished, I wanted nothing more than adventure. In particular, to save a gorgeous young damsel in captivity. I was in a tavern one day, when I met a rusty steam knight and his piggy counterpart. Soon after, we became...


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